Authentic Instant Messaging

intaface puts the authenticity back into your IM’s. Show them how you really feel, and see what they really think – with genuine Video Reactions.



How it works.

1. Send a Video Message

Record a new Video Message, or send an existing Video to one of your Contacts, or to a Group you are in.

2. Receive a Video Reaction

When someone plays your Video Message, their front camera records their face. That Video Reaction is instantly sent back to you, so you can see how your message made them feel. It’s like you’re watching it with them.

3. And a Reply

Your Contact can then reply with their own Video Message to you. Then, when you tap to watch it, your Video Reaction is automatically recorded, and sent back to them to watch while they wait for your reply.

The intimacy of video calls, but with the
“reply when you want” convenience
of Instant Messaging.

Plus all the features you already love.

Text messages, audio messages, video messages, groups, file sharing, location sharing, contact sharing, voice calls, video calls, group calls, emojis, stickers, GIFs, stories, broadcasts and more…

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Join the Instant Messaging revolution that puts real, human emotion back into your messages. No more misunderstood, ambiguous texts that get lost in translation. Say “hello” to clear, authentic, emotional connections with the people you care about the most.



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